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Thank you for Loging in!

We welcome interesting content articles to our web site.  To become a contributor please create an account and let us know what type of information you would like to submit.  Your account will be upgraded accordingly and your name will be added to the list of our contributors.

To submit an article:

    1.  Login
    2.  From the User Menu select: Submit an article
    3.  Enter the title and the text.  (Help how to use the TinyMCE editor)   
    4.  You can write in Cyrillic and/or English.  For longer articles, please first write and edit them in “Word” and then copy the text to the web editor.
    5.  To include a picture in your text, please upload it to:  /images/stories/club
    6.  IMPORTANT you must select: 

                        Section: Contributors
                        Category:  (Your name from the list)

    7.  Before you save the text.

If you want to make a link from the text you have entered, highlight a couple of words or the phrase, then choose the "Link" symbol which looks like a chain.  A pop-up window will appear.  In it enter the following:

                        Link URL:  Here you enter the full web address of the link starting with http://www.

                        Target: From the option menu choose:  Open in new window (_blank)

                       Press Insert to finish.  The linked text will appear in blue.

To save the article with the linked text proceed through steps 6 and 7 as before.

To submit a direct web link, not from within an article:

       1. Chose Submit a web link from the user menu, after you log in.

       2. In the pop-up window enter the full URL address starting with: http://www. 

       3. Enter a name for the link and a short description.  The name can be a few words, the description a little longer.

       4. Select: 

                      Category: Cool Web Links

        5. Choose: Publish

The web link should appear automatically in the list of "Cool Web Links" which you can check from the menu on the left.

If you have submitted an article, please let me know as I need to check and publish it from the back end for security reasons. 

Thank you!



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